PKCCI is the subsidiary of Entekhab Group which is formed with the goal of international trading. Our company possesses world wide network offices in the most parts of the universe including China, Emirates, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.

PKCCI benefits from enough financial support of Entekhab Group which facilitates its trading deeds. Besides, we do our utmost to give our esteemed customers and suppliers the most possible efficient, trustworthy and reliable services to protect their interests and to meet and exceed all their requirements and expectations.

PKCCI operates on international markets as a petrochemical trading company with good support of domestic petrochemical manufacturing companies. The scope of its core business mainly covers the purchase and sale of chemicals and aromatics, oil products, polymers, LPG and fertilizers.

PKCCI focuses on international trade in petrochemical products with specific emphasis on supplying oil & petrochemical products required by domestic and international markets. In addition, we do transit arrangements for petrochemical products from the central Asian countries throughout Iran