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What is EPS?

Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) is a thermoplastic material, in spherical bead shape, which contains Pentane as blowing agent, and is obtained as a result of the polymerization of styrene

EPS consists of 98% air, has an excellent insulation value, is light yet rigid. Unlike other insulation materials, EPS also has minimal water absorption. Additionally, EPS allows for easy and safe processing, is sustainable and 100% recyclable.


Building & Insulation applications

EPS resins are among the most popular materials for building and construction applications. EPS insulation foam are used in closed cavity walls, roofs, floor insulation and more. With its excellent price/performance ratio EPS is also used in pontoons and road construction. EPS foam also finds a wide use in civil engineering and building: road foundations, void forming, flotation, drainage, impact sound insulation, modular construction elements, cellular bricks, etc.

Packaging applications

EPS foam is a widely used packaging material including inserts, box-type packs, composite moldings, crates and trays for foodstuffs, transport and display pallets. Because EPS is durable, snug fit absorbs shocks, resists moisture and greatly reduces damage.

Eggs, meat, fish and poultry. Cold drinks or carry-out meals. All these products are safely packed with EPS packaging materials.

Expensive all kind of electronic equipment travel safely with EPS.