Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a rigid and tough, closed-cell foam. It is usually white and made of pre-expanded polystyrene beads. EPS is used for disposable trays, plates, bowls and cups; and for carry-out food packaging (including the hinged lid containers popularly known as "clam shells"). Other uses include molded sheets for building insulation and packing material ("peanuts") for cushioning fragile items inside boxes. Sheets are commonly packaged as rigid panels which are also known as "bead-board".
EPS has been a material of choice for over half a century because of its technical versatility, performance and cost effectiveness. It is widely used in many everyday applications where its light weight, strength, durability, thermal insulation and shock absorption characteristics provide economic, high performance products.

EPS Applications:

Building & Insulation applications

EPS-Building-application EPS resins are among the most popular materials for building and construction applications. EPS insulation foams are used in closed cavity walls, roofs, floor insulation and more. With its excellent price/performance ratio EPS is also used in pontoons and road construction. In addition to its traditional insulation application in the construction industry, EPS foam also finds a wide use in civil engineering and building: road foundations, void forming, flotation, drainage, impact sound insulation, modular construction elements, cellular bricks, etc. They all exploit the excellent mechanical properties of EPS combined with fast construction / assembly and low subsequent maintenance.

Packaging applications

EPS-packaging-application Eggs, meat, fish and poultry. Cold drinks or carry-out meals. All these products are safely packed with EPS packaging materials; by doing so spoilage of foods is prevented. In the western world a combination of good packaging, refrigeration and transportation ensures that only two percent of food is lost through spoilage, compared with 50 percent in developing countries.

1 No matter what your products package, EPS have long been recognized as a versatile and cost-effective solution for foods and goods packaging.
Expensive TV's and all kind of IT equipment travel safely from the production line to the consumer's houses. EPS is the leading choice for electronic goods cushioning.   

Other applications

EPS-other-applications EPS- other-applications-1 Apart from the typical application in construction and packaging, EPS protective qualities can also be used in crash helmets - protecting the heads and potentially the lives of cyclists, or into surface and other decoration ranging from simple printing of a brand name to an elaborate pictorial representation achieved by mould engraving, or for fun and sports with e.g. windsurfing board.

There are two moulding processes for EPS:

•    Block moulding produces large blocks of EPS which can then be cut into shapes or sheets for use in both packaging and building/construction applications.
•    Shape moulding produces parts which have custom designed specifications. Electronic product packaging in particular is where shape moulded EPS is used extensively.

PKCCI is specialized in foreign trading of petrochemical products as well as the products manufactured by the other subsidiaries of Entekhab Investment Development Group such as the EPS Plant Products.
Entekhab Investment Development Group Established in 2005 is one the main manufacturers of EPS in Iran producing 250,000 MT of EPS yearly.

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